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Are you an optician and responsible for the purchase of lenses? Then you should get to know us.

We guarantee you sharp moments.

  • We manufacture lenses in our lab in Nordhorn for you.

  • We would like to take care of your daily requests as a specialist optical dealer. You can always rely on us. Our range of services is clearly detailed and our purchase prices are remarkably low.

  • Do you need a bifocal, multi-focal, or HMC lens delivered today? Do your customers enquire about phototrop lenses or about the latest colour trends?

  • We can help you quickly and without much paper work with most of yourcustomers requests. Let us prove us to you with our products from an extensive delivery range.

  • Would you like to sell your spectacles to your customers even more successfully? Our accurately calculated prices promise you a substantial profit margin.
Put your trust into a family business with more than a fifty year long tradition. We guarantee to help improve your customers' eyesight.

Sharp eyes you can trust.

Our emphasis is on delivery times that you can rely upon. Stock lenses are always delivered on the same day. Prescription lenses are always manufactured individually for you. We always manufacture prescription lenses specially for you: you order is dealt with individually and personally. You can rely on our optical know-how. The production process is state-of-the-art and uses modern High Tech equipment. So you get guaranteed high quality lenses from us. And please note that we can manufacture almost any type of lens in a variety of strengths. Choose from numerous variations amongst single vision, bifocal or multi-focal lenses. In addition your lenses can have various finishes.

Your lenses are dispatched to you directly and nationwide by an Overnight-Logistic specialist Transmed or sent to you by post.

You are our destination - a satisfied customer. Therefore, we apply ourselves as a well-established team for you every day in the best possible way. If you want to extend your cooperation with us you can enter into a contract which will give you a monthly basic discount.

Would you like some information about Nordhorn-Optik's sharply calculated offers?

Sharp looks you ought to treat yourself to

We recommend the highlights of our range of products in a special chart. Please, order free of charge and non-binding our recent NET price list.

If required, you can use our edging-service, DFÜ-ordering system or Tracing. Remind yourself when you are too stretched in your workshop. Make use of our dispensing lens edging-service in order to save time. You can send us your frames for work in. Or have it the easy way: order your lenses completely finished far-form-framed.

SERVICE is our priority. You are more than just a customer reference number to us. We try to respond to your requests with our utmost flexibility.


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